Skin Juice

Zingy Zest Essential Oil Blend 10ml


Allow 3 - 4 Days

Recharge a weary mind + body

The full squeeze

Zingy Zest is a concentrated blend of fruit, herb and flower essential oils. These potent drops will help to refresh a weary mind, revive a tried body and reduce infections.Cold Pressed from pure essential oils. ZINGY ZEST can be enjoyed: -In an oil burner to purify the air and invigorate the mind. -As an energising infusion for the bath. -With the Skin Juice Green Juice balm for a massage treat.

How to juice

Place 5 to 6 drops into the water of an oil burner. For a more direct use, mix 4 to 6 drops with milk and add to bath water. The milk will help the essential oil to dissolve and disperse. For massage blend 5 drops of Zingy Zest to approx 20ml of Skin Juice's Green Juice balm.

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