Treat Your Body Pack

$90 $129

Allow 3 - 4 Days

Treat your body with this 3 piece set from ASAP. This 3 step treatment will have your body feeling rejuvinated and you will visibly see the results.

First, Exfoliate! Polish and revitalise your body with the ASAP Revitalising Bodyscrub that uses a combination of Glycolic Acid and Exfoliating beads. Also included is nourishing oils and powerful antioxidants to treat and improve your skins appearance. 

Second, Treat! Containing clinaccly proven ingredients, the ASAP cellulite + Skin Firming Treatment  helps fight cellulite and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks all while improving skin firmness, hydration and smoothness.

Lastly, Hydrate! The ASAP Revitalising Bodymoist is an all-over body moisturiser that is rich in Glycolic Acid, Essential Oils and Green Tea to revitalise and nourish your bodies skin. Leaving it feeling smooth and intensely hydrated.

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