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Massage - Exfoliate - Detangle
For Men & Women

Life Changing- Shower Massage!

BoostBrush® Shampoo Brush will make your scalp will tingle with pleasure, as it's soft silicone bristles gently massage your scalp - The tingly, electric feeling will have you humming your favourite tune🎶

.Premium gift & Proudly Australian! - For Men & Women

Scalp Care - For Natural Hair Growth

Did you know that your scalp health can = your hair health?

By keeping your follicules exfoliated, clean and free from dandruff / scalp psoriasis /  scalp issues you are caring for your scalp and future hair growth.  


The Ultimate Detangler 

Effective conditioning and pain-free detangling! Every. Single. Time.

Our heavy-duty shampoo brush is engineered with extra wide, flexible bristles that are perfect for detangling kinky, curly, and coily hair with ease. 

You can run BoostBrush® through fine straight hair or glide it through the frizziest curls.


P.E.R.F.E.C.T for all hair types- short, long, thick, fine, curly, frizzy, dry and damaged hair.  

So much fun for you while you wait in the shower for your products to condition & set! 

BoostBrush® shampoo brush will make you melt & will leave your hair as soft as a bunny!

Looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, friends, or kids?

Our luxury packaging, smooth matte finish and premium quality build makes BoostBrush® a special gift for your special ones.
  • Mums
  • Dads
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Kids
They’ll thank you later with a big smile! because they will still be buzzing from their morning scalp massage!!

Happiness Guarantee 
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee that if you aren't completely satisfied, contact us to return your brush, no questions asked!
Contains small parts - Not suitable for unsupervised children or children under 3 due to choking hazard.