What You Need to Know About Pigmentation and how to Treat and Prevent it

From acne scarring, to sunspots, to “where the hell did this spot come from”, we’ve all been there. Hyperpigmentation - the root of the some of the most annoying skincare problems!

First off, what is Hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation occurs when the body produces an excess of melanin and it is unevenly scattered on the skin, resulting in darkened spots or patches.

But where does it come from? There are many types of skin pigmentation but the 4 most common ones are:

  1. Sunspots - We all know the damage excessive sun exposure can do to our skin, it can age us, burn us and also leave us with hyperpigmentation spots.
  2. Melasma - This type of pigment is related to hormonal changes, commonly occurring during pregnancy.
  3. Age spots - Typically from the age of 30, the skin may start to age - whether it be from the sun or genetics, this causes disruption to the production of melanin, therefore creating age spots.
  4. Post-inflammatory Pigmentation - This type of pigment is a result of inflammation to the skin, whether it be acne scarring, surgical scarring or any sort of injury to the skin.

What You Need to Know About Pigmentation and how to Treat and Prevent it

How to prevent it?

Although it’s not always possible to prevent hyperpigmentation, there are ways to minimise the their appearance and development - And the number 1 tip is, without a doubt, a high-level SUNSCREEN.

We love Aspect Sun Envirostat Face SPF50. This face sunscreen delivers a soothing and protective blend of antioxidants and Vitamin E to assist with minimizing the harsh ageing effects of UV exposure while providing an instant dry finish. Plus, it provides a broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50 from the sun.

Another favourite is Mesoprotech Sun Stick 100 for it’s convenience of carrying it around anywhere. Easy, gentle application anywhere, anytime. mesoestetic mesoprotech sun stick offers extremely high sun protection designed for sensitive skin and sensitive areas such as the eyes and lips, making it a unique protective product for these often forgotten areas.

Apart from sunscreen, look for makeup with UV protection included in it and any type of sun protection will help, such as hats, clothing or just simply limiting your sun exposure.

How to treat it?

While difficult to treat, there are simple and effective steps you can take to promote an even looking complexion and help prevent hyperpigmentation from taking hold. It all starts with the ultimate skincare products! (and of course your sunscreen).

Here are a few skincare product recommendations -

  1. Aspect Pigment Punch + - An advanced formula that helps prevent and treat age spots, promoting a clearer, more even skin tone. With powerful complexes that are developed with illumination in mind, this product offers a blend of antioxidants, extracts and peptides that help keep the skin luminous and clarified.
  2. SkinCeauticals Advanced Pigment Corrector - This multi-active comprehensive technology exfoliates and improves skin radiance to reduce the appearance of discoloration.
  3. Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control -  A depigmenting ingredient helps regulate melanin synthesis by reinforcing the preventative anti spot action. A coloured texture that provides a natural tone and softens imperfections, unifying even the skin tone

As well as skincare products, there are also skin treatments that can be done to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. These include:

  1. Chemical Peels - Low-level peels, often combined with light therapy, can help to gradually break down the pigment and even out the complexion.
  2. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy - A progressive treatment, IPL is effective at removing hyperpigmentation caused by both internal and external influences, and aims to restore a balanced, glowing complexion.
  3. Microdermabrasion - Also more of a progressive treatment, microdermabrasion promotes new cells to regenerate more quickly than they would ordinarily. The result is skin that looks firmer, more toned, and more youthful.

And there you have it - Everything you need to know about Hyperpigmentation + a few tips! DON’T FORGET THAT SPF!!

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