How to find the right moisturiser for you

Moisturising is a super important step in your daily skincare routine. It’s benefits include increasing skin hydration, reducing dullness, balancing oil production, increase suppleness & softness and more. You might already have moisturising included in your AM & PM routine, but do you have the right one for your skin type? Our simple guide will lead you to your moisturiser destiny. Check it out below.

Ultra Light Hydration

Oily/combination or breakout-prone skin – if you skin is overproducing natural oils it might seem strange to include moisturiser as a part of your routine, however often your skin overproducing oil may be a sign it’s in need of hydration. Most importantly you don’t want to strip away those natural oils which will support your skin which can happen if you are using harsh cleanser or exfoliants. Try adding in a moisturiser with oil-free ingredients that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on your skin. You should also look out for noncomedogenic (not pore clogging) ingredients as well.

One of the best moisturisers for this type of skin is the Ultra Light Hydration from Aspect Dr. This lightweight moisturiser is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and essential vitamins to help replenish hydration.

Normal/balanced skin - If you skin sits in the middle, never really feels oily or dry and it behaves itself (most of the time), lucky you! That being said, you still need to ensure you have the right level of hydration in your skincare routine to keep it that way. You’ll need to get all the nourishments you need without overloading your skin.

We love the Phytostat 9 moisturiser from Aspect. It’s an everyday, go-to moisturiser that delivers a surge of hydration to reveal smoother more vibrant looking skin.

Phytostat 9 moisturiser

There’s a good reason why it’s one of their most popular skincare products, as it’s going to help hydrate and nourish, and you will enjoy the benefits of antioxidants.






Dry, dehydrated or ageing skin – does your skin feel tight and uncomfortable after you cleanse or shower? Your skin might even also be prone to having flakes. Dry skin really benefits from having richer moisturising creams with high oil content to add back in the hydration and replenish the skin. With dryer skin, you may also be experiencing fine lines and wrinkles which can appear more when you skin is lacking from moisture and elasticity.

For those who have dry skin, we highly recommend the Aspect Dr Resveratrol

Moisturising Cream. This rich moisturiser contains peptides and resveratrol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from a more youthful complexion as well


as hydrate and nourish your dry skin.



Sun lovers – if you’re the type who is out and about during the day or are looking for a way to ensure you have sun protection as a part of your routine to help with exposure to the sun, you might need a moisturiser that is a dual hero with hydration and protection.

Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF50+ is a blend of antioxidants and broad-spectrum

UV protective actives to delivery very high sun protection as well the ultimate nourishment for skins in need of more support against ageing and damaging effects of UV exposure. Perfect for use prior to makeup to increase longevity and stay protected.

There’s a range of moisturisers to suit your skin type. Whether you need something lightweight or richer, we offer products from Aspect, Aspect Dr, Medik8, Cosmedix and more. Take a look today.

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