How to find the best cleanser for you

Sound simple right? You may have been using a cleanser since your early teens and either stuck with the same brand or type or have changed it up every now again. But how do you know if the cleanser you’re using is the best one for you?

Let’s start with talking about why cleansing is such a vital part of your skin care regime.

Clean Start

Cleansing begins the process. By removing make-up bacteria, dirt, dead skin and pollutants, a good cleanser prepares your skin for all the good stuff afterwards, like exfoliation, masks, serums and creams.

Keep it Clean

Cleansing your skin twice a day or even once day, reduces the risk of congestion and breakouts. Not cleansing properly or enough can lead to excessive dirt build up, blocking skin follicles, trapping sweat and dead skin (eww!). Keep it clean to avoid acne and other skin concerns.


We’ve all seen PH levels mentioned on some skin care products. Here’s a refresher of what it is, why it’s important and how cleansing is essential to the balance of PH levels.

PH stands for Potential Hydrogen and a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Your skin acidic mantle provides protection from bacterial, allergens and pollution whilst maintaining moisture. Keeping your PH levels balanced is therefore essential and cleansing helps to manage this and to keep your skin hydrated.

How to find the best cleanser for you

Now, that we know why cleansing is an important part of our skin regime, let’s look at how to find the best cleanser for you.

Oily, dry or normal? These are standard skin types. You can even have a combination of these. Once you know what your skin type is, it makes choosing your cleanser a whole lot easier.

Dry Skin is usually defined by the feeling of tightness (especially after showering) and itchiness in the skin as well as scaling, flaking and peeling. This indicates that the skin barrier has been compromised so when picking a cleanser, one that not only repairs the skin but also protects it, is crucial. We recommend Gentle Cleanse, Cream Cleanse or Surface Radiance Cleanse from Medik8 all of which are hydrating to leave skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Oily Skin traits include your skin looking shiny and/or greasy towards the end of the day, pimples, acne and breakouts, visibly large, open pores especially around your nose, chin and forehead. For oily skin types, we love Clarifying Cleanser by Murad, a powerful daily gel cleanser that combats blemishes, washing away pore-clogging grime, oil and irritants, which helps treat and prevent blemish breakouts.

Normal, well-balanced skin show very little or no imperfections, barely visible pores, low sensitivity levels and in some cases, a radiant complexion. Even ‘Normal’ skin needs a good cleanser and we love Mild Clean by Aspect, a gentle foaming gel cleanser containing Canadian Willowherb™ extract, to comfort all skin types, including the most sensitive, while cleansing and effectively removing makeup.


Still unsure about which cleanser is right for you? We think it’s a good idea to try products to see if they’re suitable for you. Medik8 offer ‘Try Me’ sizes for their Gentle, Clarifying Foam, Micellar Mousse and Calmwise Cleansers all available on our website. Also, keeping a few different types of cleansers on hand for when your skin needs change is another good idea. Want to browse big brand, clinic-trusted cleansers – check out John Essa Cosmetics

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