5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

Spring is finally here! Time to look at your skin care products and routine, make sure you’re on the right track and clean out what you don’t need.

This is actually a very important process for 2 essential reasons;

  1. Some of your skin care and makeup products may be out-of-date and can cause serious skin irritations.
  2. Your skin concerns may change as the weather warms up and so you will need the right products to address these for better results.

Ok, now you know why you need to Spring clean your skin care products and routine but where do you start? Lucky for you, we’ve got some helpful tips to get you through!

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

1. From your bathroom cabinet to your dresser to your handbag (even your beach-bag)

Think of all the places where you keep your skin care products and make-up. From the big pump bottle cleanser in your shower to the tissue covered paw-paw cream in your hand-bag and that sand covered sun cream in your beach bag. Don’t forget the pockets inside the bags too and the car glove box! Collect it all and put it in a pile to go though it. Don’t forget any make up tools and applicators like brushes, gua sha and face rollers.

2. Check the dates!

No need to say more here. You know what to do if it’s expired. Also, read the info on the product. Most products need to be used within a certain time frame once opened. If you’ve had it for too long, let it go. As we mentioned up top, using old, expired products on your skin can cause irritation or pre-empt new skin concerns and, no one wants that.

3. Make a list

Once you have checked everything and you have your ‘keep-pile’ start thinking about what condition your skin is currently in, what it’s usually like when the weather warms up and what concerns you may want to start addressing i.e. pigmentation, wrinkles and hydration. Put a little list together including all the beauty essentials – cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF protection plus all the additional products you need and/or want.

4. Start Shopping

At John Essa Cosmetics, of course! We have a huge range of clinic-trusted brands like Aspect, Aspect Dr, Aspect Sun, Cosmedix, asap Skin Care, Medik8, Societé, O Cosmedics and so many more!

We have products to cover the very basics like cleansing, toning and moisturising to the more focused products for specific skin concerns.

A few tips here – keep your eye on the prize. What results are you trying to achieve with your skin care regime and make-up application? What products will get you there?

For specific skin concerns, it’s worthwhile doing your research and understanding what your expectations are and if the product and brand you’re interested in meets that criterial.

For example, if you’re after an effective Eye Treatment, we love Eye Fusion by O Cosmedics for a few reasons. Firstly, O Cosmedics is an Australian brand that prides itself on being cruelty free, vegan and gluten friendly and endorsed by skin experts. Secondly, the product is a beautiful blend of award winning actives that work together to plump the skin from within, boosting the production of not just collagen and elastin but the ever-essential Hyaluronic Acid. Perfect for all skins concerned with aging.

5. Shop Smart

We all know how nice it is to get your skin care products on sale but there are other ways you can shop smart. Like, getting all your essentials in one kit or buying the right size for your needs and convenience.

We love skin care kits like Aspect Dr ABC Essential Kit that have all the… well… essentials – Cleanser, Serums (Exfol A Plus, Multi B Plus, Active C Serum) and Resveratrol.

asap Rejuvenate + Correct Pack is another goodie that contains seven powerful treatments to treat and correct your skin – perfect way to kick start your new skin regime!

We also love the Normal Skin Kit by Cosmedix – this kit includes all the essentials to help keep your skin looking good whilst possibly helping you to identify if your skin needs more.

For convenience, we always recommend Aspect Sun’s Envirostat On The Go SPF 50. This little beauty includes a key link to add to your bag and or keys so that it’s always readily available for when you need it.

To keep your make-up always on point, you can’t go past Jane Iredale Refillable Compact. Convenient because it fits in just about any bag and cost effective because you can refill with your fave foundation or blush.

There you have it! Our top tips for cleaning out your skin care products and regime! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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